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We have complete and easy solutions for even your most difficult IT management problems, from keeping your business safe, to ensuring high availability, to making your users happy. We’re bringing IT together so you don’t have to.


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ManageEngine have one of the most complete range of IT Management tools on the planet, and at a price that will make sense to you and your customers.

With Active Directory, HelpDesk, Network Operations, Desktop Management, Log File Analysis, Exchange, VMWare, O365, Security, Password Management tools and more, ManageEngine have you covered.

Need help implementing ManageEngine - no problem. Channel Success also have fully skilled engineers available to assist with pre-sales support, implementation, scoping, configuration, customisation, training and support.

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ExaGrid’s appliances are deduplication storage targets for all industry leading backup applications. ExaGrid can take backups in from

  • Traditional backup applications
  • Specialized backup utilities
  • Virtualized backup applications
  • SQL and Oracle RMAN dumps
  • UNIX tar files

ExaGrid allows IT departments to use any combination of industry leading backup applications, utilities, and database dumps to a single ExaGrid system.

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Unitrends provide the industry’s most comprehensive solution for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Our solutions protect more than 120 operating system versions—physical, virtual, and deep virtual. Their backup is cloud-empowered, ready for the Unitrends cloud, your cloud, or a third-party cloud. What’s more, their innovative recovery assurance software provides automated DR testing. Paired with award-winning customer support, Unitrends provides all-one-data protection solutions that increase IT confidence.

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Cibecs equips business IT with industry-leading data backup and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which includes encryption, geo-locate and remote wipe. IT can easily migrate backed up users to new operating systems or hardware, and prove Corporate Governance Compliance. Cibecs is easy to deploy, implement and centrally manage.

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Ericom Connect is a powerful remote application and desktop access solution. Built on innovative technology and two decades of Ericom's proven expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect offers enterprise-level organizations unparalleled scalability, superior user experience and exceptional ease of use. With great cost performance, Connect integrates into existing IT environments, reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

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Today, with the rise of cloud computing, we have a redefined vision of IT. Organizations are increasingly diversifying their IT infrastructure and moving from physical to a mix of physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This transformation in the datacenter is bringing new challenges in getting secure and consistent connectivity across different IT systems, cloud services, and plethora of devices. In virtualized and cloud computing environments, legacy perimeter security solutions are not fully equipped to provide seamless connectivity, critical for utilizing the benefits from scalable, agile, and cost effective cloud infrastructure.

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Conversant’s Swift range of products allows our service provider customers to efficiently manage the business costs of their “content and app” network. At the same time, our service provider customers now have the ability to monetize their network assets by creating differentiated service offerings through content and subscriber awareness.

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Certes Networks is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution, enabling you to dynamically control your data traffic security without dependence on firewalls or the network infrastructure. Thousands of Certes’ patented solutions are deployed to protect enterprise data traffic in 84 countries around the world.Certes has been cited in Gartner trend reports on Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization and Enterprise Mobile Software. Certes’ users enjoy the power of CryptoFlows … automatic, zero-touch group VPNs that are user aware and application aware, enabling you to extend any application to any user over any network.A new generation of devices and applications has changed how we work, compete, and make our businesses successful.

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Founded in 2002, Centerm Information is a leading provider of cloud client, thin client, software, "desktop cloud" solutions and payment terminal. Centerm’s products have been widely used in more than 40 countries covering Financial, Insurance, Telecommunication, Government, Education, Call Center, Retail, etc. Centerm Information has 6 R&D centers in Fuzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai and Xiamen, more than 200 highly experienced R & D Professionals. We also actively cooperate with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other international enterprises to establish a comprehensive technical collaboration.

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