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Channel Success is proud to announce our partnership with Certes Networks - a world leader in the provision of network security products to the Enterprise, Government and Financial Services markets.

Certes is leading the Software-Defined Security revolution, enabling you to dynamically control your data traffic security without dependence on firewalls or the network infrastructure. Thousands of Certes’ patented solutions are deployed to protect enterprise data traffic in 84 countries around the world.

Certes has been cited in Gartner trend reports on Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization and Enterprise Mobile Software.**

Certes’ users enjoy the power of CryptoFlows … automatic, zero-touch group VPNs that are user aware and application aware, enabling you to extend any application to any user over any network.

A new generation of devices and applications has changed how we work, compete, and make our businesses successful.

But horror stories of high-profile data security breaches continue to pile up: credit card numbers stolen, emails hacked, VoIP calls intercepted, user identities stolen, webcam feeds hacked, proprietary secrets compromised, private data pushed into Cloud storage with no user controls … the list goes on.

Security evolution has lagged behind the new generation of IT … until now.

Certes Networks offers the new generation of security, for companies who want to gain all the efficiency and competitive advantage of modern IT, without putting themselves or their customers at risk.

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